Rent to Own

A car you can call your own. Bank approval not required.


  • Actual Selfie
  • Driver's License
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Police or NBI or Barangay Clearance


  • No down payment and no chattel fee
  • Three (3) months advance rental
  • One month service charge
  • Next payment on the 4th month
Lowest Cash-out

Fast Transaction

  • Requirements validation
  • Payment validation
  • Contract preparation
  • Car turn-over
Toyota Vios

Toyota Vios Automatic

  • 2019 Vios 1.3XE @ 18,000/month
  • 2020 Vios 1.3XE @ 19,000/month
  • 2021 Vios 1.3XE @ 20,000/month
  • 2022 Vios 1.3XE @ 21,000/month
Compact Sedan
Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova Automatic

  • 2019 Innova 2.8E @ 28,000/month
  • 2020 Innova 2.8E @ 30,000/month
  • 2022 Innova 2.8E @ 34,000/month
  • 2023 Innova 2.8E @ 36,000/month
Multi-Purpose Vehicle
Other Vehicles

Other Vehicles

  • 2020 Fortuner 2.4G AT @ 45,000/month
  • 2022 Commuter DeContent @ 32,000/month
  • 2021 Honda Brio AT @ 19,000/month
  • 2021 Xpander 1.5 GLX AT @ 26,000/month
Other Vehicles

Rent-To-Own Application Form

First Name is required.
Last Name is required.
Mobile Number is required.
Email Address is required.
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Social Media Account is required.
Present Address is required.
Length of Stay is required.
Family Reference (3 names with contact number) is required.
Work or Business Reference (3 names with contact number) is required.
Valid Photo ID and Credit or Debit Card
Pertinent & valid photo ID


  1. The Renter hereby certifies that the information contained herein is/are true and correct and shall form part of the rental documents and the digital signatures indicated herein are genuine. Any information given by the Renter or other persons authorized by the Renter, which is not true or accurate, will automatically cause PhilippineRentaCar, Inc. (PRAC) to reject the Renter's application or cancel its approval.
  2. The Renter authorizes PRAC to obtain relevant information as it may require concerning this application from other institutions/persons. All information obtained by or provided to PRAC pursuant to this application shall be PRAC's property whether or not the rental is granted.
  3. The Renter agrees that this rental application shall be subject to policies of PRAC and undertake to comply with/submit all the rental requirements.
  4. In case of disapproval, the Renter understands that PRAC is under no obligation to disclose the reason/s for such disapproval.
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